Chess is a recreational game but also a sport, which is played on a board. This game is one of the most, if not the most popular and well-known among board games all over the world, being considered a strategy and intelligence game, and a good player must already advance what the moves his opponent will make.

Benefits of Chess:

  • Chess Helps Concentrate.
  • Chess Develops Problem Solving Skills
  • Chess Improves Memory
  • Playing Chess Can Raise IQ
  • Chess Teaches Planning and Fore Sight
  • Chess Helps with Strategy Thinking
  • Chess Improves Attention Span
  • Chess Improves Reading Skills
  • Chess Improves Math Skill
  • It Exercises both sides of the Brain
  • Playing Chess helps develop creativity by activating the right side of your brain
  • Playing Chess grows dendrites, which conduct brain signals and the prefrontal cortex, which coordinates planning, judgement and self-control
  • Fosters Logic, Critical Thinking & Creativity


Beginner –

Advance Beginner


Semi- Advance


Batch Timing:

Saturday & Sunday – 

1.00 – 2.30pm for Jr. KG to Above

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